Your local date and time:  Thursday 25th of Feb 2021  |  6:28 pm
Welcome to Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mexico!

Welcome to the MINISUB COZUMEL official site, we are a company with over 20 years dedicated to offering tours and aquatic tourism services, with the initiative of bringing unique and exclusive products for a special tourism. Those was born this activity offering a unique experience, satisfying the need to explore in a very original way the exciting underwater world of Cozumel, travelling in your own mini-submarine will be amazed of what you found.

We are located in Cozumel, here we invite you to enjoy a magical world plunging into your own mini-submarine, enjoying the many wonders beneath the beautiful Caribbean sea, in this beautiful place you will find the most beautiful and amazing reefs you've seen and a great diversity of fish in its different species.

Don’t miss a unique and unparalleled experience worth sharing with your partner, friends or family!